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A highly determined and self-driven Real Estate Agent, Adam Patel is passionate about helping real estate buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their goals through a seamless process. Adam believes real estate investment is the key to creating generational wealth and increasing one's financial portfolio. He aims to educate his clients on leveraging real estate investments to attain financial freedom. His devotion to client services sets him apart in a crowded field.

Adam Patel

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His competency lies in his unmatched determination to complete the job on time and to the clients’ satisfaction.

Adam has managed over 80+ units, run four businesses, and overseen pre-constructions, gaining the know-how and tenacity to manage projects from start to finish. His knack for results has enabled him to transact over $100 Million in Real Estate just in the past three years and flip dozens of properties and contracts. He is an expert in wholesaling properties and is well-known for assisting his clients in identifying off-market opportunities.

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Adam was fortunate to learn the dos and don’ts of real estate transactions through the lens of one of the top agents in the world. With four years of experience in high-level commercial/multi-residential investing and developments in Ontario and Alberta, he understands the market and the industry variables. Adam knows networking is priceless and has established connections with various industry players. He knows who to reach out to and when — easing the buying process altogether. Ultimately, he has perfected the fundamentals of connecting his clients to incredible real estate opportunities.

Adam Patel

Client Reviews

After years of building up credit and saving up money, my brother and I decided to purchase an investment property in London together. It was also very stressful as many real estate agents in the area we had called were not calling us back and/or could only show us homes in the next 2- 3 days (...). We found Adam and he was ready to start showing us homes the SAME day. After seeing approximately 10 homes we found the perfect home and we couldn’t be happier thank you so much Adam! We will definitely be doing business again in the future.

Munnal Minhas

Adam is an amazing, patient thoughtful human being to start with. We were referred to Adam through a friend of ours and when our family met with him we laid out what we were looking for in a home; and he immediately got on board , dispersed his vast knowledge, and suggested a plan of how we were going to achieve our goal. Throughout the whole process he was patient, hardworking, and even when we panicked and wanted to rush into decisions he would stand on his professional influence and suggest ideas and strategic measures to us whilst advising us to make a wise decision and be patient. Adam Patel is your choice for buying, selling, or investing! Thanks again Adam!

Mutaal Minhas

Working with Adam was a great experience, he provided me with all the help I needed in finding a suitable location for my new business. He was excellent for providing me with very detailed information regarding the property, overall he provided exceptional service.

Ashraf Mulla

Adam is a very honest, reliable and hardworking individual. I highly appreciated all of Adam's effort in helping us find the perfect home.

Raja Yaqoob

Adam is very much deep into his customers
Thanks to having him and got good real estate what we looking for
Adam please keep it up same way

Ibrahim’sedq Patel

Amazing guy, honest and resourceful. Was able to look for a good house that was apt for a big family like mine and the process went smoothly.
Happy with the experience.

Abhisang Shome

Fantastic work by Adam! I highly recommend, working with him was completely worth my while.

Mohmed Kharodia

Adam Patel is very professional & an excellent negotiator but a fantastic human being. He helped me with selling my old house and buying a new one.  I would recommend Adam to everyone who is looking for an honest and professional RealEstate guy.

Mohammed Desai

Adam Adam Adam Oh Adam!

How can you be so knowledge yet so humble?

Always delivers no matter the scenario being put in. I have had the opportunity of working with Adam on many deals he has helped me analyzed over 50+ deals last year.

His insights especially the market expertise is fantastic, having a pulse on the market, segregating properties based on neighbourhood A B C and assisting in negotiations has been very helpful.

Without a whisker of doubt if anyone looking to scale in this business or buy their 1st property Adam Patel is your go to Agent!

Thank you @adampatel for being the amazing human being you are!

Ishan Khobare

We highly recommend ADAM PATELfor he is reliable, honest, friendly and professional. Your house get sold on the very fast  of listing and that too for your asking price. We are very grateful to ADAM PATELand we will go back to him.

Imran Manjra

I had Adam Patel recently help me out and I cannot say enough amazing things about this individual. He went above and beyond to help me and answer my call whenever I needed. This is the type of treatment you won't find anywhere else. He went from quickly being my realtor to being my friend.

Gurpal Bopa Rai

In a day and time when people seem to just look out for themselves Adam Patel is a realtor that is quite the exception! Not only does he look out for the buyer but he also is well informed and honest! I highly recommend him for all your real estate needs.

Arbaaz Kashmani

I am a real estate investor out of South Western Ontario and have been working with Adam for the past 2 years now. Adam has played a huge role in assisting my business to grow exponentially - sharing his vast knowledge and network abundantly. I have worked with tens of realtors in the past however only a few including Adam have displayed an extraordinary level of professionalism and competence when it came to buying and selling properties.

Shaheer Shahid

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